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Choosing to turn to a solar energy system can seem like a difficult decision, but it is one that you won’t regret. The benefits behind opting for solar power are extensive and we are proud to be the most trusted solar system company in Redding, California that can help you to embrace the newest, safest, and most cost-efficient way to generate energy for your home or business.

Below, we’ve listed several of the top reasons why our customers say that they are glad that they turned to our solar system company for their Redding, CA power needs:

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Why Solar Systems? 

  • Tax Credits.  You may not know this, but the government is happy to offer a 30% Federal Tax Credit for those who install solar systems at their homes or businesses.  Some customers report that these government-aids and credits have helped to cover half of their solar system costs.  
  • Your Property Value Goes Up. More people are growing interested in clean energy, making solar systems an important asset in Redding property sales. You can see your property value rise and your chances of resale increase when you install a solar system.
  • Our Payment Programs. We work to ensure that everyone can enjoy clean energy through our payment programs. Our solar systems company works with individuals and businesses so that they can easily incorporate solar system installation into their budget. Often, the money that is spent paying for the solar system is the same or less than what you will save on your utility bill.
  • Solar Systems are Low Maintenance. Since solar systems operate on sunshine, they do not regularly need to be maintained. The solar system from our company usually needs to be greased annually.
  • Lower Bills. Depending on how much you want to incorporate solar systems into your life, you may find that your electric bill is lowered or even eliminated. Those who do choose to continue using some traditional energy can still freeze their rates so that they won’t continue to rise.
  • It’s an Eco-friendly Choice. Solar systems are known for being good for the environment by leaving behind no carbon footprint. Since solar systems operate by turning sunlight into energy, they produce no emissions and help to keep the world around us safe and clean.
  • Allow Greater Independence.  Solar systems provide a great opportunity for those who want to go “off the grid” by being completely independent of the electric company, or just want to lower their dependency on foreign oil while remaining eco-friendly.
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If you want to learn more about the benefits of embracing solar systems, feel free to contact our company. Our team of trained professionals has seen the benefits of clean energy first-hand and will be happy to explain how the choice to change can positively impact your life.

When you work with our solar system company, you can rest assured that you are having a high-quality solar system installed by a team that understands exactly what they are doing. We work along with you to ensure that you have the solar system that best serves your needs and helps you to embrace solar-powered living.

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Financing Available

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While the idea of getting a solar system may sound good, many people feel like a dream when they consider the costs associated with the initial installation. Our company believes in solar energy–so much so that we are proud to offer a full range of financing options.

Through our full range of financing options, you can make monthly payments toward your solar system, meaning that you are paying to own it. We want it to be possible for any individual or business-owner to start taking advantage of the benefits of clean energy.

Contact us today to learn more about our financing options and how we can help you get started on the road to freedom from the electric company! 


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