Solar Maintenance

Turning to solar energy provides individuals with a safe and clean alternative to traditional energy and, surprisingly enough, comes with very limited maintenance.  While the electric company may frequently make you go without power due to storms, tree limbs that fall on power lines, or unknown system failures, that isn’t the case with solar power.  With a solar system, it is possible to completely power your home even when the rest of your town is doing without!

Thanks to solar systems, you can rest assured that you will have access to important features such as a hot water heater, heating, and your refrigerator.

When your solar panels create too much energy, it will be stored in a battery where it can be used later.  These batteries make it possible to continue to use power even when panels are unable to produce energy due to weather problems or the rest of the neighborhood is experiencing a power outage.       

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How It Works

To ensure that your solar panels are working at their optimal performance, our team is proud to offer you a full set of solar monitoring services.  These services use an in-office computer program that makes it possible for our team of professionals to review your solar use on a weekly basis.  By monitoring your system’s performance, we can pinpoint any errors and ensure that you are receiving the best coverage.  

Aside from weekly tracking, we also offer yearly visits to inspect your system along with regular panel cleanings.  By talking to you, we can discover the maintenance package that works best for your home or business, and then work to cover the costs with affordably monthly rates.  

By stopping errors before they become an obvious problem, we can work to provide the maintenance your solar system needs.  The end is a flawless experience with the best energy and the most affordable rates.  



With a low-risk solar panel system, you can rest assured that you are getting the best in energy coverage.  Our maintenance programs also help to ease your mind by making your solar investment as successful as possible.  

During one of our inspections, you can expect a team member to arrive and begin by addressing any concerns that you have or malfunction issues.  We look to pinpoint issues such as problems among system communications and trackers.  When we look over your system itself, we will study the filters, wires, solar mounting, and determine any need of cleaning.  

We are so proud of our maintenance regime that we offer it to systems that have been installed by a different company.  If you are struggling to keep your existing system in good working order, are having issues with performance, or just want to ensure that its operating to the best of its ability, our team can help you with our full scale maintenance options.   

Contact us today to learn more about our Redding, CA services and how our team can help you with solar system maintenance!  Together, we can have a world where flawless solar energy is a reality instead of just a dream. 

Financing Available

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While the idea of getting a solar system may sound good, many people feel like a dream when they consider the costs associated with initial installation.  Our company believes in solar energy – so much so that we are proud to offer a full range of financing options. 

Through our full range of financing options, you can make monthly payments toward your solar system, meaning that you are paying to own it.  We want it to be possible for any individual or business-owner to start taking advantage of the benefits of clean energy.  

Contact us today to learn more about our financing options and how we can help you get started on the road to freedom from the electric company! 


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