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If you are a business or individual in Redding, CA that is looking for a reliable solar panels installation company to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle while saving money, then solar panels are an option that you shouldn’t ignore. We are proud to offer a wide range of different solar panels that are designed to meet your specific needs.

The choice to embrace solar energy can be confusing to many people; however, our company is proud to make the installation of the solar panels as easy as possible. We strive to take the work out of the process, allowing you to simply reap all the benefits of your new solar panel system.

Solar panels are large, flat panels that can attach directly onto the roof of a home or building. If you don’t want your panel attached directly to your structure, our team of expert solar panel installers will work with your current landscape to find the perfect place to put them. With different sized and structured panels, you can ensure that you receive the panels that will best fit into your area.

Once your panels are in place, they will start to gather the sunlight that shines down on them, then work to convert this sunlight into energy. Unlike other kinds of electricity that can be interrupted by outages, solar panels work from an endless stream of power.

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Since solar panels often make some excess energy, it is then stored in a solar battery where it can be used later. With a proper solar system, you can expect an energy source that far surpasses that of traditional electricity.

Not only are solar panels a smart way to ensure that you have energy in your house, but they are also a clean source of power. Since these panels use sunlight alone, they do not leave a carbon footprint and are good for the environment. By choosing to install and use solar panels, you can enjoy the fact that you will not only be saving money on your monthly energy bill but are also acting as a responsible home or a business owner in Redding, CA.

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Working as a caring company, our solar panel installers serve the Redding, CA area by starting the solar panel process by inspecting your utility bills for the last year. Through our investigation, we can discover the amount of power that you regularly need and ensure that we install the number of panels necessary to continue giving you proper power coverage.

Our panels come complete with warranties to ensure that they will last the optimal time, helping you to get the most out of your solar panel experience.

When it comes to providing clean energy through solar panels, we are proud to consider our company to be among the best in the industry. Whether you are looking to generate enough clean energy for a one-story home or a large industry, we have the skills to make your dream a reality. By working with the most trusted solar panel installation company, you can look forward to a low-cost experience as you leave the shackles of the electric company in the past and look forward to a more eco-friendly way of life.

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While the idea of getting a solar system may sound good, many people feel like a dream when they consider the costs associated with the initial installation. Our company believes in solar energy–so much so that we are proud to offer a full range of financing options.

Through our full range of financing options, you can make monthly payments toward your solar system, meaning that you are paying to own it. We want it to be possible for any individual or business-owner to start taking advantage of the benefits of clean energy.

Contact us today to learn more about our financing options and how we can help you get started on the road to freedom from the electric company! 


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